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How to save more by shopping at a Pawn Shop

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How to save more by shopping at a Pawn Shop

How do you save even more when shopping at a pawnshop? Reaching terms on something at a pawn shop is difficult indeed. All you need is to master a few ways on how to reason. How do you know if you’re spending your money right? Here are simple ways to save even more at a pawnshop.


The first to saving at a pawnshop step is research. Once you figure out what you want to buy, you need to check the item’s market value and utility. The first thing you do is visit the manufacturer’s official website as well as other online stores. Compare the prices at which the item is offered for sale. If the item that you want is used, not in proper condition or if a part is missing, you can ask your broker to reduce the price. Paintings, jewelry, and other items which are always in demand will be difficult to negotiate, but you should keep checking the price. Once you have a picture of what the item is worth you can have a price in mind and be confident in your negotiations and save more at a pawnshop.


Pawnbrokers do not mind discussing the price of an item. There is no need to worry when negotiating with a pawnbrokers. That is their job; they face it every day. You can keep pressing on them till you finally reach a term and they are willing to sell the items lying in their inventory.

It is advisable to be a little flexible with money matters before the negotiation begins because they are experts at convincing. Always pay with cash to avoid the usual credit card hazards. It is best to transact with money because you are often offered the best price. If you like an item and you do not carry enough cash, calm down; ask the pawnbroker about a layaway option for the merchandise. Many Pawnshops offer a no interest layaway program that makes anything in their store affordable and allows you to save big.

Be Cordial

Be a gentleman/lady when you are dealing. It is important to have a dignified approach, and that is your first impression. It is advisable to be very calculative while you talk, being careful not to rub the person you deal with the wrong way. You can start a conversation before actually talking about the product and thank him/her when he/she provides you the information that you need. This way you will have a much better chance of negotiating. If you act like a know-it-all and be rude to the pawnbroker, there is a fat chance things will work out your way and even worse, he/she might refuse to work with you in the future.

The final step is to read the terms and conditions of the product you are about to buy. Know if they offer guarantees or a 30-day return policy. Some issue warranties while in some cases the sales are final.

These are some simple ways to save big at a pawnshop.


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